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When educating a puppy there are two ways to give command and rules: give rewards or punishment if it doesn't get it right

A calm, firm approach is vital for your Shepherd to see you as a smart and capable leader. You will need to find a reward that your dog actually finds rewarding otherwise it won't work. If the reward is something very special for the dog, it is likely to do it again because it enjoyed the result, otherwise the dog would lose its motivation.

Punishment and reward for something that already happened don't make any sense. Dogs do not make the association with acts that have already happened.

In order to work it out right, a punishment needs to happen as soon as the bad actionstarts. Has to be something really unpleasant for the dog and actuated everytime the dog does that particular bad action. Sometimes this doesn't happen since the owner doesn't see the bad action right away.

Punishment can be also a direct punishment, means to grab the dog on its neck as its mother does, shake it and lift it up slightly.

Even if most of the people think it's not appropriate, it's ok to spank the dog on its butt (remember never spank it on its face otherwise the dog won't recognize anymore when somebody stroke or punish it).

Punishment can also be indirect when for example somebody throw something close to the dog not too heavy or dangerous but very noisy.

When a punishment is happening It's very important to be able to recognize the submissive body posture of the dog because as soon as it happen the punishment has to stop immediately otherwise it will cause anxiety and loose its effectiveness and meaning.

The education through the reward takes more time than the one through punishment but the long terms results last longer.

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